Colds & Flu

Colds & Flu

At Delta Care home care Preston and Delta Care home care Southport we are dedicated to keeping our residents, day care and home care customers safe and well at all times. At this time of year, cold weather and viruses can become a threat to us all so below are some tips on keeping cold and flu free wherever possible.

Wash Hands Regularly

Most infections are carried in the air, for example when someone sneezes, but germs can also be carried by physical contact so our hands are a first layer of defence.  Infected hands touch vulnerable parts of our bodies like our eyes, mouths and noses and spread germs from one person to another so washing hands regularly is an important thing to remember to do.

Delta Care recommend washing hands often then drying them on disposable paper towels or if the towels are washed regularly, a clean hand towel. This can significantly reduce the chances of catching a virus and is an easy thing to do that will help you stay fit and well.

Be Prepared For The Weather

Viruses survive longer when the weather is moist so low cloud and dull weather can mean the perfect environment for infections. Lower levels of sunlight and altered melatonin and serotonin hormones in the winter months can affect how your immune system performs too. Make sure you are wrapped up warm when the temperature goes down but don't let the weather stop you going outside as fresh air is good for you at all times of year.

Get Cleaning

Wiping down surfaces such as bin tops, door handles, taps and toilets with an anti-bacterial cleaner can help keep your home clean and germ free. If you need help keeping your home environment as safe and clean as possible, our dedicate team of Delta Care home carers can even help with this too.

Keep Warm

It is important to dress appropriately for the weather. If you find yourself unprepared and start to shiver, this can make you more likely to catch a cold. Experts say shivering can affect the immune system and make us more likely to catch colds so get your coat, scarf and gloves at the ready. Don't forget a hat too as up to 30% of body heat can escape through your head so keep your hat on to keep extra warm.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Water and keeping hydrated is very important to our health. Water helps the kidneys flush out toxins and prevents mucus becoming dry and thick. Being hydrated therefore makes us more able to fight viruses. Aim to drink 8 glasses of fluid a day and if you do get a cold, make sure you keep topped up with water to try to get rid of it quicker.

Get Some Sleep

Lack of sleep can make us rundown and more prone to infection. Getting enough sleep affects our mood too and if you are stressed, you can be more likely to become ill. What better excuse than getting an early night and catching some more winks than to prevent a cold. If you or a loved one needs extra help at night, Delta Care have night carers who can be with you all round the clock to help you get some safe and sound shut eye so just call to find out more. 

Be Active

Being active helps our circulation, improves our mood and general well-being so is something else to do if you want to avoid being ill. Don't overdo it though as this can make you overtired so just aim to keep moving in a way that you enjoy and feels comfortable to you.

For more tips on keeping cold and virus free, visit the NHS website or if you think Delta Care could help you with more help around the home to keep you well this Winter, contact us and we can have a chat about how we can help.

7th January, 2018

We recieved an excellent service where the care staff went above and beyond all expectations to help my mum live independently and safely at home.

Mrs T

The support that Delta Care gave to help my whole family when my mum was diagnosed with Dementia was second to none, I can not thank them enough for their advice and service.

Mrs R

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