Coping with dementia and how Delta Care can help

Coping with dementia and how Delta Care can help

Coping with dementia and how Delta Care can help

Caring for someone with dementia can be testing; not only are you providing care and support, you are also dealing with watching someone you care about radically changing.
This could mean someone who was previously calm and happy becoming confused, angry and sometimes aggressive.

This can be very tough for the carers.

Practical Matters

Dementia doesn't just affect someones memory; it can also affect their ability to eat and drink and manage previously unhindered daily activity such as personal hygiene. As a carer you may need to wash, feed and dress the person you are caring for. This may be very difficult to face and can, at times, be physically challenging.

Aids and equipment are available to make caring tasks easier. You can get information about aids and equipment from an Occupational Therapist, who can be contacted through social services, your GP or district nurse.

Understanding Dementia

Everyone with dementia will be affected in different ways, so expect the unexpected.

Some days will be better than others, on good days, remember to take some time to rest and look after yourself.

To understand the disease and its impact try and learn as much about it as possible. It will help you to be prepared for the challenges ahead.


Caring for someone with dementia can be very challenging. If you are a full-time carer, remember to look after your nutrition, sleep and health. Try as much as possible to make time for yourself.

Talking to people going through a similar experience can also help. There are caregiver support groups in almost all areas of the country. There may also be local respite care available.

We Can Help

Our Day Care program at Charlotte House became the overall winners in the Wellbeing and Prevention Category at the Central Lancashire's Got Talent Provider Awards 2014 for the proven benefits of the Namaste Care Program.

We offer two sessions during the day, morning and afternoon. Each day the activities and entertainment will be designed depending on the abilities and wishes of each individual, this ensures individual choices and wishes are promoted.

We offer rehabilitation, support, advice and the chance to meet other people; your loved ones can get involved in activities and outings that interest them. They will be supported to retain/regain independence, develop new skills and increase confidence. It offers you, the carer and your loved one, a change of routine.

If you would like to find out more information on the way we can assists you, contact us today on 01772 559 933 or email us and our friendly staff will be happy to assist and answer any of your questions. 

1st February, 2018

We recieved an excellent service where the care staff went above and beyond all expectations to help my mum live independently and safely at home.

Mrs T

The support that Delta Care gave to help my whole family when my mum was diagnosed with Dementia was second to none, I can not thank them enough for their advice and service.

Mrs R

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