Meet Our Team

Adam Baki
Adam Baki Operations Director
Penelope Baki
Penelope Baki Managing Director
Laura Pilkington
Laura Pilkington Project Manager
Muhammad Chaudhry
Muhammad Chaudhry Finance Manager
Susan Williams
Susan Williams Registered Manager Charlotte House Day Care Centre
Kat Nicholls
Kat Nicholls Registered Manager - Preston & Blackpool
Helen Edwards
Helen Edwards Macclesfield Registered Manager
Sanam Abbas
Sanam Abbas Registered Manager Victoria House Residential Care Home.
Beverley Smith
Beverley Smith Quality and Compliance Officer
Customer Feedback
Review from - Chorley

What can I say about the ladies and gentlemen who are currently looking after my wife who is ill with late-stage Dementia? They are all Delta Caring Angels. These Angels come in 4 times a day on a regular basis and do all the essential personal care that my lady needs and a whole lot more. They treat my lady with love, kindness, gentleness and compassion in the cruel journey that she and I are on. I think that it takes a very special person to work in the Care industry and Delta Care, in my opinion, have the cream of the crop providing continual health and palliative care for my lady. My own health is none too good either and I feel that they are keeping a weather eye on myself as the permanent carer in addition. I look forward to seeing their cheery faces each day I must confess! Who looks after the Carer I've often asked myself? Well, Delta Care does this as well. Thank you and God Bless you all.

Johnny P. (Client)
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